Best shoes for running

Best shoes for running that Every Runner should be required

The human body is well organized, every organ functions properly and all organs are synchronized with each other unless some disease attacks the body. As we all know that exercise is splendid for health and add years to our life. There are numerous types of exercises, but the best, easy and cheap exercise is running. Running maintains the shape of our body, not only shape but also strength our body parts and internal organs of our body. Especially, running is very helpful for our respiratory system which is the most important system of our body. There are many benefits of running which are as follow:-

1). Running improves our overall level of health. Studies describe that running maintains the level of cholesterol and it also helps the respiratory system to work properly and efficiently. In addition, it enhances the immunity in our body and lesser the possibility of clot development.

2). Running reduces the risk of breast cancer in women. Many doctors recommend running for the patients of blood pressure, diabetes and osteoporosis. It also reduces the chance of heart failure because it gives the strength to the heart by helping the arteries to maintain their elasticity.

3). Running helps in controlling of weight by mega calories burn. It also reduces your habit of very often eating.

4). Running gives the strength to your legs and joints.

For running one should protect his feet and the only way to protect them is the good footwear.  If your footwear is not comfortable then it may cause many problems like pain in feet, pain in knee joints and hip bone and it may also cause some swear problem related to dislocation of ankle etc.

The most common problem emerges while running is foot pain and this usually ruins the workout or sometimes the entire running season. The reason for this problem is our feet are very active in both landing and push-off phases throughout the running cycle, and they are also responsible for controlling the generated forces during push back. All the injuries related to running are caused by these two functions. In swear cases, it can cause fracture if your feet are very stiff and unable to bear the impact of both functions (landing and push-off).

Plantar fasciitis is an injury that strikes those runners who over train, ignore stretching of their calf muscles, or do an excess of hill climbing workout with high speed. The plantar tissues are those thick bands of tissues that stretch from the heel to toes, and this band gets damaged when your feet do over work. That tearing usually occurs at that point of fascia which is attached to the heel, it causes inflammation. There are many more problems like Morton’s neuroma, Metatarsalgia, black toenails, calluses, flat feet and blisters.

Most of the people search for the Best shoes for running before the start of running season because shoes are the basic and very important part of accessories which are required for running. Nike Air is the best running shoes brand which is specialist for making running shoes for any kind of person (like a different type of physic).

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